What lies beneath, giant cupcake craft using outdoor clear repair tape.

I used outdoor clear repair tape to hold these springy pool noodles together to make them look like cupcake frosting.
Clear repair tape cupcake frosting
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Tape Planet High Energy Glow Tape

If you're looking for an innovative and fun way to decorate or label objects, look no further than Tape Planet's High Energy Glow Tape. This tape is unlike any other adhesive tape you've used before. It has a unique glow-in-the-dark feature that can add a touch of excitement to any project.
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Tiger Lilies Duct Tape Flowers

Here are some Tiger Lilies Duct Tape Flowers that I Made.
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What is glow in the dark tape?

Glow tape is a type of adhesive tape that has the ability to glow in the dark after being exposed to a light source. It is also known as phosphorescent tape, luminescent tape, or photoluminescent tape.
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Lots of Duct Tape Roses

Lots of duct tape roses.
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Camouflage tapes to fit your camo needs.

Camouflage tapes are a fun to decorate, fix, protect or hide things. You can get camo patterns in many types of tape like duct tape, cloth hockey tape, gaffers / spike tape and cohesive wrap tape. Get creative and make a wallet, purse or camo roses.
Camo tape patterns
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Decorating and crafting with electrical tape.

Electrical tape is a Plasticized PVC film with an aggressive rubber resin adhesive in OSHA colors for cable coding, quick identification of electrical phases, circuits, feeders and branches. It is also flame retardant.

I have used electrical tape to decorate both glass and plastic containers. Unlike duct tape which shows only grey adhesive on the inside of the container, electrical tape has a clear adhesive so the color of the tape shows on both the outside and inside of the container. It is easy to apply and remove so you can decorate or theme the same glass or container over and over again. Fun for holidays, birthdays, showers or any event you want to decorate with a theme.

Here are some various plastic and glass cups before decorating:

electrical tape crafts

Here is a few designs you can create in just a few minutes using electrical tape.

crafts with electrical tape

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Duct tape rose heart for valentines day

I started this project to put duct tape roses in a wire frame heart I got from the dollar store but it's not working out how I pictured it in my head. I need to re-think this project this weekend.

duct tape roses heart valentines
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Vinyl Directional Arrows

4 in vinyl directional arrows
These 4 inch vinyl arrows have a pressure sensitive adhesive that can be used for aisle marking, color coding, inventory identification, defective markings, and numerous other applications. Product is waterproof and will with stand heavy foot traffic when applied to a clean, smooth surface.

We had someone ask if we carried these in other directions.......
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Valentines day colors, craft some duct tape roses

valentine duct tape colors
Valentines day colored duct tape. Did I miss any colors? You can make forever roses, purses, wallets or anything you can think of as a gift. Hand made gifts are the best.
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