Leaving a Christmas tree up all year

This year instead of crushing and packing up my artificial Christmas tree, I decided to leave it up all year and decorate it for smaller holidays and events like birthdays and such.

valentines christmas tree st patricks day christmas tree
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Halloween duct tape pumpkins / jack o lanterns craft

I can not be left unsupervised around orange duct tape when Halloween is near.
halloween duct tape craft pumpkins
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Holiday or school duct tape slider bags

halloween gift slider close bags
Super easy slider close bags.
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Halloween craft duct tape pumpkin / Jack o lantern

halloween duct tape craft pumpkin
Just playing around with an old pattern I made.
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Boo, Halloween duct tape craft placemats with ghosts and haunted house.

Here is a quick craft duct tape Halloween themed place mat. Ghosts and a haunted house with bats flying across the moon.

halloween craft duct tape haunted house   halloween craft duct tape ghost
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Boo, its time to start thinking about Halloween crafts and decorations.

Halloween is getting close so it's time to start those crafts and decorations, or you can wait till the last minute like I usually do. I am going to start this weekend. I will be using flagging tape and duct tape for some of my projects.

duct tape flagging Halloween craft decoration
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I made another duct tape placemat craft for the holidays or special occasions

I made another duct tape craft table placemat. It is patriotic on one side and Christmas on the other side. Placemats are a quick and simple duct tape craft for kids or adults.
patriotic duct tape craft  christmas duct tape craft placemat  double sided duct tape craft placemat
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Duct tape placemats craft for the holidays or special occasions

Here are two quick and easy duct tape placemat crafts I made last night for the 4th of July holiday.  These placemats are easy and quick to make. You can put a different pattern on the back side so one placemat can be used for different holidays. The placemats are easy to clean, just wipe off with a damp paper towel and you're good to go. You can get as creative as you wish or you can personalize them for an individual.
americana duct tape craft placemat     american flag duct tape craft placemat
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American flag duct tapes crafts for the 4th of July

american flag duct tape craft

I am going to be using these Duck Brand duct tapes for some 4th of July crafts this weekend. These patterns are Americana and American Flags. Duct tape crafting is fun for both kids and adults. I have a few ideas and will post pictures of what I create.
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What lies beneath, giant cupcake craft using outdoor clear repair tape.

I used outdoor clear repair tape to hold these springy pool noodles together to make them look like cupcake frosting.
Clear repair tape cupcake frosting
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