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  • Valentines day colors, craft some duct tape roses

    valentine duct tape colors
    Valentines day colored duct tape. Did I miss any colors? You can make forever roses, purses, wallets or anything you can think of as a gift. Hand made gifts are the best.
  • Outdoor Vinyl tape, does it glow under black light / UV light

    Tape Planet 3 mil calendared intermediate film with permanent acrylic adhesive. Resistance to mild alkalies and acids, most petroleum-based greases and oils, and salt spray. This semi-gloss level is specially designed for readability on banners, store fronts and most signage. This intermediate has lower shrinkage and better color stability than other intermediate films resulting in 6 year durability. The excellent weed ability of intermediate films is due to the balance of a specially formulated high performance acrylic adhesive and tighter formulated release liner. Small letters cut better and you never lose registration due to letters moving on the release paper.

    Here is what some of the colors look like under normal light.
    vinyl tape normal light

    Here is what they look like under a black / UV light.
    vinyl tape black uv light

    The fluorescent red, yellow, pink and orange all look pretty good. The fluorescent green is so-so and the fluorescent blue is a no go. The regular colors do not glow at all.
  • Craft ideas. Kids birthday / Christmas lollypop decoration

    These were fun to make. Giant lollypop decorations for a kids birthday party, then I am going to save them for Christmas candy land decorations. Dollar store pool noodles, some duct tape, a broom handle and a heat shrink bag. Only got a few blisters from the hot glue gun. I don't know how well they will hold up outside so I sprayed them with a clear UV protective coating. Now I hope they make it through the party without being destroyed by the kids.
    duct tape pool noodle decorations

    I got the heat shrink bags from amazon #ad

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